R.I.P. Leslie Nielsen

Just a note in memory of Leslie Nielsen; not a classic actor by any means but one who will be warmly remembered.

Although gaining fame late in his career for comedies such as Airplane and the Naked Gun series, to me he will always be Commander J.J. Adams of interplanetary cruiser C-57D in ‘Forbidden Planet’, a ground-breaking movie that almost literally blew my mind when I saw it as an eight-year-old. (What’s more, the lucky devil got to cuddle the delectable Anne Francis)

” . . and if you don’t so something about it soon it’ll be coming right through that door!”


Q & A – Your Questions Answered by the Stars

This week, Martin Fry of ABC responds to your fashion and style queries.

Q. Mr A.K. of Reading asks “Who’s got the look?”

A. I don’t know the answer to that question.

Don’t Mention The Temperature!

With exquisite timing, the Met Office has chosen the coldest November for about 25 years to announce that 2010 is on course to become the warmest on record.  You have to admire their audacity.  To paraphrase Bill Hicks, these people must have cojones so big they have to carry them around in a wheelbarrow.  Of course, they are talking about average global temperature, a concept which (many* would argue) has no meaning whatsoever.

How much warmer?  A whole 0.03°C; a number which is a triumph of resolution over accuracy.  Air temperature sensors just aren’t this good, but then the figure is a phantom created by statistical jiggery-pokery (helped by the infamous CRU at UEA).  The best part is that they have also “adjusted” the figures to account for the fact that they are using different sensors (buoys rather than ships) and so are therefore comparing apples and oranges.  Mr. Cochrane (my instructor at the old Met Office training school at Stanmore) would have laughed these results out of court.  It says a lot for the calibre of the current Met staff that they don’t realise the nonsense they are promulgating.

You just can’t get the wood.

(*Me being one of them.)

Crocodile Tears from FoE Spokesman re: Winter Deaths

The ONS have published the official figures for ‘excess’ deaths for the last winter. There seems to have been a slight drop compared to the previous winter, despite the exceptionally cold weather. The suggestion is that the absence of a ‘flu epidemic helped keep the figures low.

And then we have this from Dave Timms of Friends of the Earth: “Cold homes cost lives and cause climate change. It is a national disgrace that millions of people live in properties lacking basic insulation – every winter households have to choose between heating and eating.”

He hasn’t thought this through, has he? Perhaps the reason these households have to choose between heating and eating is because their energy bills have been inflated by loadings for feed-in tariffs, carbon taxes, etc. All because of the myth of AGW promoted by his own organisation.

Get a grip, mate.

The Ongarian Goulash Award* for Having Your Cake & Eating It . . .

. . . goes to the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research for stating that Climate Change may lead to colder winters (as reported here).

This isn’t really news, as the proposition has been made before (e.g. here in 2003) but it seems to indicate that the AGW lobby are still intent on twisting the theory to suit recent experience (but not in a Popperian way).  So whether you freeze or burn it’ll all be the fault of carbon dioxide.

Such are the contortions by these desperate folk that perhaps Cirque du Soleil could put on a new show on the theme of AGW.  See the twists and turns!  Gasp as the CRU team vanish up their own fundaments!  Watch as the MSM swallows gigantic porkies whole!

These people are the real climate change deniers;  they seem to think that the climate should remain static, in some imagined “normal” condition when, of course, the climate has always changed.  It’s a little like taking a train from London to Penzance with your head stuck in the newspaper, then looking out of the window five minutes from the end and saying “Hmm, this must have been the view all the way along.”

*otherwise known as a Goulie. More (in various categories) to be awarded as time goes on.

Q & A – Your Questions Answered by the Stars

This week, Robert Plant responds to your gardening queries

Q. Mr J.B. of Bath asks “This morning I noticed a bustle in my hedgerow; should I be alarmed?”

A. No, it’s just a spring clean for the May Queen.

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry . . .

To return to the topic of dispirited ex-bloggers, it was instructive to note how many of them gave as the main reason for leaving the blogroll the fact that they no longer had the boiling rage that gave them the impetus to write.  This was (they said) down to the Gorgon and his Labour cronies leaving the scene, and i-Dave and his Cameroonies now filled them with ennui.

I have an alternative view; I long ago gave up hoping that the Tories would save us from Socialism, seeing them as the pale blue centre party that they became in the 70’s.  (Mrs. T. was just a blip in the decline.)  Even so, it is clear that most people of the right-of-centre still believe that the Conservatives are so in nature as well as name and continue to vote for them in the anticipation that they will move the country a little further away from the statist nightmare it has become.

Now, you can blame these folk for being naive, but the essential point is that the Tories know this is what their supporters believe and continue to play up to it, giving hope where there is none rather than being honest and saying “Well, if you vote for us then nothing much will really change, so you’re stuffed either way.”  And this is what makes me angry; I expect Millie Edband and his chums to bleed the taxpayer dry and suck up to the EU, but the Tories were supposed to be different.  In my view, we should be outraged to the point of spontaneous combustion that nothing of any substance is going to change under a Tory government.

I mentioned supporters earlier; what Cameron has pointedly ignored is that support is a two-way street.  The public vote for the party in the expectation that the party will then support them by honouring promises and at least trying to move the ship of state in the Right direction.  This is where the anger hits again; Dave wants your support but refuses to give the voters what they want.  How many times has it been said by the new breed of Tory leader-writer (e.g. Matthew D’Ancona) that they Conservative party have to move away from the traditional supporter (although of course they use phrases like “the right-wing extreme element”)?  You see, the traditional “Maggie was the best” Tory supporter is no longer required once they’ve placed their cross in the “Conservative” box on the ballot paper.  The treatment of the new Tory party with regard to these people is no different to that of Gordon Brown’s view of Gillian Duffy; we’re all “bigoted” now.

The reason for the move to the centre (apart from the nonsense about leaving the “nasty party” behind) is to gain votes from the centre.  It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that they would have got as many (if not more) votes by regaining their traditional values.  If the Tories had put up a firmer right-of-centre manifesto at the last election, do you really think they would have not done better and so avoided the Coagulation?

What about the useful idiots; are they not a further cause of boiling rage?  Does Freddie Forsyth and the like really continue to believe that the Tories will save the day?  That, given just a bit more time, a new breed of sceptical MPs will rise up and swing the party back to the right?  That they will then renegotiate our terms of engagement with the EUSSR (despite the fact that renegotiation is not possible)?  Have they not been watching the news or reading the newspapers for the last 15 years?  Apart from the Nice and Lisbon Treaties, it was Conservative ministers who signed every piece of EU paper that was put in front of them, so consigning the UK to a bear trap of undemocratic regulation, taxation, and suffocation of enterprise.  While there are some Tory MPs and MEPs with the right attitude (e.g. Roger Helmer, Duncan Carswell, Daniel Hannan) how many times will they be kicked in the gonads by the High Command before they realise that they are wasting their time taking the Tory whip?

How can you not be angry, bloggers of the right?