The Ongarian Goulash Award* for Having Your Cake & Eating It . . .

. . . goes to the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research for stating that Climate Change may lead to colder winters (as reported here).

This isn’t really news, as the proposition has been made before (e.g. here in 2003) but it seems to indicate that the AGW lobby are still intent on twisting the theory to suit recent experience (but not in a Popperian way).  So whether you freeze or burn it’ll all be the fault of carbon dioxide.

Such are the contortions by these desperate folk that perhaps Cirque du Soleil could put on a new show on the theme of AGW.  See the twists and turns!  Gasp as the CRU team vanish up their own fundaments!  Watch as the MSM swallows gigantic porkies whole!

These people are the real climate change deniers;  they seem to think that the climate should remain static, in some imagined “normal” condition when, of course, the climate has always changed.  It’s a little like taking a train from London to Penzance with your head stuck in the newspaper, then looking out of the window five minutes from the end and saying “Hmm, this must have been the view all the way along.”

*otherwise known as a Goulie. More (in various categories) to be awarded as time goes on.


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