Don’t Mention The Temperature!

With exquisite timing, the Met Office has chosen the coldest November for about 25 years to announce that 2010 is on course to become the warmest on record.  You have to admire their audacity.  To paraphrase Bill Hicks, these people must have cojones so big they have to carry them around in a wheelbarrow.  Of course, they are talking about average global temperature, a concept which (many* would argue) has no meaning whatsoever.

How much warmer?  A whole 0.03°C; a number which is a triumph of resolution over accuracy.  Air temperature sensors just aren’t this good, but then the figure is a phantom created by statistical jiggery-pokery (helped by the infamous CRU at UEA).  The best part is that they have also “adjusted” the figures to account for the fact that they are using different sensors (buoys rather than ships) and so are therefore comparing apples and oranges.  Mr. Cochrane (my instructor at the old Met Office training school at Stanmore) would have laughed these results out of court.  It says a lot for the calibre of the current Met staff that they don’t realise the nonsense they are promulgating.

You just can’t get the wood.

(*Me being one of them.)


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