Is It Just Me?

. . . or does it look as if the High-Waisted One has dropped his barber in favour of a pencil sharpener?

The "Faber-Castell" Look


It’s That Woman Again.

As I like of think of myself as a person of some taste I have to start with the usual disclaimer that I don’t actively watch “I’m A Celebrity . .”, I just pick up bits by osmosis.  (i.e. I’m in the same room as the TV, either reading or on t’internet.)  However, the phenomenon that is Gillian McKeith is hard to miss, even if you don’t have a TV.  Having already viewed her unscientific opinions on food (and its waste products) with scorn, I could be said to be biased against this person who, in a previous age, would have been thrown into Bedlam so that people could pitch rotten fruit at her.

Whilst in the car today I caught an interview with her in which she tried to justify her peculiar behaviour in the jungle (or the backlot of Pinewood studios, as some would suggest).  It transpired that, apart from her distrust of proper food, she had phobias about insects, heights, helicopters, and water (I think that covers it).  Apparently, coming into contact with any of these frightening things would result in screeching and (often) fainting spells.

It occurred to me that it wasn’t really a case of having a number of separate phobias; she is simply afraid of LIFE.  You have to feel sorry for her kids.