Did I Fall Asleep?

“For a little while” (© Joss Whedon)

Apologies, but 13+ hour workdays don’t leave much time for blogging (or rational thought).  Just about managing to strain up under the bear*, as my late, lamented chum John used to say.

Promise to be back soon (bet you can’t wait).

* Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes, well, sometimes the bar eats you.



It’s been reported that the Met Police are not going to bother trying to find the persons responsible for issuing flyers threatening “snitches” who might be thinking about passing on information following a recent shooting in Peckham.  Presumably they might have to get out into the fresh air rather than sit in the canteen.  (Not that I’d want to wander around Peckham if I didn’t need to; driving around in a MetPol marked van was enough for me.)

Of course, if the fly-posters had lost their cat then they would really have been in bother.


. . . when the long Christmas/New Year break disturbs your concentration?  Not exactly a restful period for your grovelling author, what with spending most of Boxing Day trying not to catch anything infectious in the A & E waiting area (standing room only, bring all your friends and family for a grand day out).  Good job I could adjourn to the hospital restaurant and sit alone with a cuppa and a portion of turkey tikka masala.

Then there’s the family crisis that threatened all sorts of mayhem for later in the year (luckily sorted out after a couple of days).

That’s my excuse anyway.  Believe it or don’t!

*In line with the non-sweary policy of this blog, the clip here is the version ruined dubbed for US TV.  If you want the real one, rent the movie  If you don’t know the movie, I really don’t know where you’ve been (© Rod the Mod).

We Would Like To Apologise . . .

. . . for the lack of blogging.  Had a break in the phone line, so no broadband at home.

In more primitive days you would have had to put up with this . . .

Hello world!

Yes, world, just what you need; another right-of-centre blogger.

With the recent demise (or at least lack of activity) of so many Libertarian bloggers (e.g. the Devil, Obo) I thought I would make a deliberate effort to buck the trend. I may surprise the reader by writing in a non-sweary style; this may come as a shock to those who prefer the expletive-laden format which is the feature of most writers.  Please don’t think I’m not angry; I am very angry, but wish to preserve a little dignity.  How long this will last in the face of the assault by the Righteous and the professional political class remains to be seen.  It may amuse the reader to see how long I can last without exploding in a geyser of obscenities.